How to Insert Pre-built Modules into a Web Page on Your Site.

Choose a Page on Which to Insert Your Module


In your Dashboard menu, Click on Site Manager, and then Pages.

Click on a Page to Open it


You can add a module to any page you like, but in this case I am going to insert a contact form into a page I created earlier called 'Add a Module'.

Scroll Down to the Page Content Area


Click in the Page Content area so you can insert your module.

Click on Web Forms


To the right of the Page Content area, you will see the Toolbox. Click on Web Forms.

Choose the Type of Form You Would Like to Insert.


The 'Insert Module - Web Forms' will pop up and you have the option to choose your type of form from the drop-down menu on the left. Click on Contact Us Form.

Insert the Form into the Page


Click on the blue Insert button to add the form to your page.

Click the Update button to Save and Publish Your Page with Your New Contact Form.