Comply with the E.U. Cookie law by Adding this Module to Your Site

Go to Your Site Manager


From your Dashboard menu on the left side of the screen, click on the Site Manager button. A sub-menu will appear.

Open the Pages View


Click on Pages in the Site Manager sub-menu. A new window will now open, and you wil be able to view a list of all the pages in your website.

Choose a Page from the Pages List

Your Pages list should open in Tree View. If Tree View is not highlighted as shown above, click on Tree View (1) to load.

Choose the page you wish to which you wish to add the Cookie Module, and click on the name of the page. in this case we are going to add the module to the Homepage. (2)

Viewing Available Modules in the Toolbox


In the Page Content editor (1), click and place the cursor where you would like your new Cookie Module to be.

You will see a menu on the right-hand side of the Page Content editor labelled Toolbox. (2)

Open the Site Modules Sub-menu


Click on Site Modules to view the categories of Modules available for your site.

Choose 'Miscellaneous'


Click on Miscellaneous and a pop-up wndow will appear allowing you to choose the Manage Cookies Form.

Choose 'Manage Cookies Form'


You will see three modules to choose from: click on Manage Cookies Form.

Preview the Module


The Module Manager window will now allow you to preview how the form will look on your site.

Click on the blue Insert button to place to place the module onto your chosen page.

Save and Publish


If you would like to preview how the page will look, click on the Save Draft Button underneath the Page Content editor, and then the Preview button. If you are happy with how your new Cookie form looks, then click on the Publish button.