Roll a page back to a previous version using the Archive and Rollback tab.

Open the Pages Menu


From your Dashboard Menu, click on

  1. Site Manager
  2. Pages

Find the Page You Would Like to Roll Back


The Pages panel will open in 'Tree View'. Scroll down until you find the page you would like to roll back. In this case I am going to choose a page on this particular site called 'faqs'.

Click on the Archive and Rollback tab


Choose the Page Version to Roll Back


In the Archive and Rollback tab you will see a list of all the previous versions available to roll back to.

  1. Even if you have made a lot of different updates on the same day, please note that each update will have a different ID.
  2. Next to the ID, you will see two links. View and Rollback.

The View link gives you the option to preview that version of the page before you do a roll back.

When you have found the version of the page you would like to reinstate, click on the Rollback link.

Confirm the Change


You will see a pop-up window asking you to confirm the rollback, click OK.

Publish to Complete


You will then see a confirmation message letting you know that your page was rolled back successfully to the previous version, but to complete the process you must re-publish the page. Click on the Go To Item link.

Publish Your Page


Click on the blue Publish button at the bottom of the Working Copy of your page to make the rolled back version live, and you're done.