How to check comments that have been submitted to your blog, then approve them, or mark as 'spam'.

Click on the Modules Button in the Left-hand Menu


Click on the Comments link


View Submitted Comments


A list of comments that have been submitted to your website will be loaded as a list to the right of the Dashboard menu.

Note the Actions drop-down menu just below the heading 'Comments'.

Take Action


Click on Manage New Comment Rules.

Manage New Comment Rules


You will see a pop-up window that will enable you to set rules for automatic spam protection. You can choose to:

  1. Moderate New Comments
  2. enable Automatic Spam Protection

Enable Spam Protection for Your Blog


  1. Find Blogs in the the list and click the check boxes in order to enable Automatic Spam Protection and to Moderate New Comments.
  2. In the same row you will also see a drop-down menu which is set to 'Anyone can comment' by default. If you wish to be restrict commenting further, you can choose from two other options by clicking on this drop-down menu and then choosing from the following: 'Must be logged in - can comment unlimited' and 'Must be logged in - can comment once only'.
  3. Click on the blue Save button to save your changes.