Approve or mark pending comments as spam.

Open the Site Modules


In your Dashboard side menu, click on Modules.

Open Comments


Now click on the Comments Module.

View Submitted Comments


You are now able to view a list of comments that have been submitted to your website, along with the Date Submitted (1), submission Type (2), and other details. To the right of the submitted comments, you will see that there are two columns labelled 'State' (3) and 'Actions' (4).

Moderating the Comments


You will see that the State of the submitted comments is set to pending by default.

Click on the Drop-down Menu


Click on the drop-down menu to see the options available - you can change the state of the comment from pending to 'Approved' or 'Spam'.

Moderate in Bulk


If you have a lot of the same type of comment to moderate, you can use the Bulk Actions menu on the right, just below the comments list. Click on the check boxes (1) to select the comments you would like moderate, and then click on Bulk Actions (2).You will be able to choose from the following actions: Move to Pending, Mark as SPAM, Approve, and Delete.