How to Set Up a New Workflow for Your Site For Use with Web Forms

Open the Workflows Panel


From your Dashboard Menu, click on Site Settings, and then Manage Workflows.

Add a New Workflow


Click on the New Workflow button.

Give Your New Workflow a Name


  1. In the Workflow details tab, type in a name for your workflow in the text box provided
  2. Click Save.

Adding Steps to Your Workflow


In the 'Add steps to this workflow' tab, you can add steps to your Workflow. The Column on the right allows you to choose actions for each step and assign a user that that step. In this case, we are going to add a step that will notify the owner of the website that someone has submitted a query via the contact form.

Add a Step to Allow the Site Owner to Receive Notification of Website Enquiries.


  1. Give the Task a Name, in this case: 'Receive Website Enquiries'
  2. In the Role Responsible and Escalate to Role drop-down menus, ensure that 'Receive Website Enquiries' is selected. (## see earlier tutorial on user roles link here??)
  3. Click Save.


You will see that the step now appears in the left-hand column. If you wished, at this point you could create a new step in the process by clicking on the New Step button.