How to find out which users are assigned to a particular role, and how to add or remove users from a particular role.

Open the User Roles Panel


From Your Dashboard Menu

  1. Click on Site Settings
  2. Click on User Roles

Choose and View the User Role


Click on the name of the User Role you would like to edit. In this case I am going to click on Receive Website Enquiries.

Click on the Users Tab


Click on the Users tab to see which of your users are currently assigned to this role.

Add New Users to the Role


You will see two columns. The column on the right shows you which users are already assigned to the current role. The users in the column on the left are not assigned to the role.

  1. Use the single arrow buttons to move users one at a a time
  2. Use the double arrow buttons to move all the users in one column to the other.