How to update your profile picture.

Click on Your Name in the Top Right-hand Side of the Grey Menu-Bar


Click on your name, and a drop-down menu will appear.

Open 'My Details'


Click on My Details in the Drop-down Menu.

Change Your Profile Picture


Scroll down the My Details Page until you see the Profile Picture icon.

Change the profile picture by clicking on the Change PIcture... link.

The Image Manager will open.

Select Your PIcture from the Image Manager.


The Image Manager will open and you can navigate to the folder where you have uploaded your new profile image. Click on the name of the image file to select it.

Check Your Image


You will see a preview of your chosen image appear in the top right-hand side of the Image Manager. If you are happy with your image, you can now insert it as your new profile picture.

Inserting the New Profile Picture


Click on the blue Insert button at the bottom of the Image Manager.

Save Changes

Click on the blue Save button to save your Profile with your new Profile picture, and you're done!