How to set up notification and follow-up emails for bookings through an Event Module.

Click on the Notification Email Tab


Notification Email Settings


  1. Type a Subject for your follow-up email, and input the name and email address that you would like the receiver to see.
  2. Edit the content of the follow-up email by clicking to add a cursor in the Email Content text area.

Click on the Grey 'New Follow-Up' Button


Follow-up Email Details


  1. Type in a name for your Event
  2. Set the delivery date. (Please note: If you want the follow-up email to be sent out before the event, simply add a minus sign to the delivery date.)
  3. Type in a Subject for your Event
  4. Type in the name which you would like your email to appear from
  5. Type in the email address which you would like your Follow-up email to appear from

Insert the Follow-Up Content


Click in the text box in the Follow-Up Content area to insert the content for your follow-up email.