How to add your event module to a web page on your site.

Click on the Actions Drop-down Menu


In the Details tab of your Events module, click on the Actions drop-down menu, and choose the option Add Event to a Web Page.

Choose the Page on Which You Would Like Your Events Module to Appear.


In this case I am inserting the module into the About Us page, but you can choose any page you like. Click on your chosen page in the tree menu that appears.

Click to Insert the Cursor


In the text area under 1-Click Insert, click and add a cursor where you would like your module to appear.

Insert the Module


  1. Click on the 1-Click Insert Drop-down Menu
  2. Click on Upcoming Events. (Category created in an earlier tutorial: 'How to Create a Category for Event Bookings on Your Website' )
  3. Save your page with the module inserted.