How to add an existing customer to an Event if they request a booking by phone.

Open the Event Bookings Panel


From the Dashboard menu:

  1. click on CRM
  2. then click on Event Bookings

Find the Customer


Click on the grey Find a Customer to add to New Event Booking button.

Search for the Customer's Name


Start typing the customer's name into the search box, and you will see that their name pops up automatically below,

  1. Click on the customer's full name and ID number as it pops up, to enter it into the search box.
  2. then click on the blue Search button.

View the Customer's Record


  1. Click on the blue View link next to the customer's name in the Actions column.

Click on the Event Bookings Tab


Click on the Grey New Event Booking Button


Choose the Correct Event and Status


Under the New Event Booking heading you will see several drop-down menus. Select your event by clicking on the Event drop-down menu.

Select the Status of the Booking


Make the booking active by selecting the Success option from the drop-down menu.

Save the New Booking


  1. You can type a number into the Allocation text box to manually allocate the number of seats for this booking.
  2. Click on the blue Save and Finish button to save and add your customer's booking to the event.