How to import an existing customer list into the CRM

Open the Customers Panel

From your Dashboard Menu:

  1. First Click on CRM
  2. Click on Customers

Click on the import Contacts Button


Set Up Your Spreadsheet


Click on Download Import Template

Follow the Instructions on the Template


The worksheet you download has two template sheets with specific instructions.

Click on the tabs at the bottom of the worksheet to tab between the Overview, Sheet 1 (Instructions for Import Contacts) and Sheet 2 (Instructions for Import contacts during campaign creation).


  1. After you have edited your template, click on the Choose File button to import.

Click the Next Button to Import Your Template


Click OK to Confirm the Import


Preview and Import Your Contacts



You will see a message confirming that your file has been successfully imported

View Your New Customer List


Your new customers from your spreadsheet will now be available in the Customers List.