How to get customer information from events subscriber list

Open the Event Bookings Panel in the CRM


From the Dashboard Menu:

  1. click on CRM
  2. click on Event Bookings

View Customers Who Have Signed Up for an Event


You will see the list of customers who have signed up for your event.

  1. Here you can also do a search for a customer and manually add them to your event if you wish by clicking on the grey Find a Customer to Add New Event Booking button. (See How to Manually Add an Existing Customer to an Event.)

To Delete a Customer from the Event Bookings Panel


  1. Click on Bulk Actions
  2. Click on Delete

( Please note - Deleting a customer here will only remove their booking for the event. They will not be deleted from the CRM. )

Export Report


To Export a list of customers attending your event:

  1. Click on Export Report
  2. Choose either the PDF or CSV option from the pop up menu.

Your report will download automatically.