How to edit the META information for pages so that your websote will be optomised for search engines.

From Your Dashboard Menu, Click on Site Manager, then Pages.


Choose Your Page


In Tree View, click on the page for which you would like to change the META information. In this case I am going to choose the About Us page.

Add a Title to Your Pge


  1. In the Page Details section, you will see a text box labelled Page title. Add a title for your page which will be recognised and indexed by search engines.

Open Page Properties


Click on the Page Properties icon to open the Page Properties window.

Add a Description and Keywords for Your Page.


When the Page Properties window opens, you will see that you can:

  1. Add a Description for your page
  2. Add Keywords for your page.

*Please note you do not have to add a page title in the Page Properties window.

Click the OK button at the Bottom of the Page Properties Window


Save Your Changes


Click on the blue Update button at the bottom of the Page Content window to save your changes.