How to create and set up a basic contact form on your website,

Open the Web Forms Panel


From your Dashboard menu, click on Site Manager, the Web Forms.

Add a New Web Form


Click on the Add Web Form button to create a new form.

Name and Set Up Your Form


You will see a pop-up window labelled 'Web Form Properties'.

In the Web Form Properties window:

  1. Give your form a name. In this case we are going to name the form 'Contact Us'.
  2. Choose a Workflow for your Email form. Click on the drop-down menu and choose the Workflow we created in the earier Workflow tutorial: Receive Website Enquiries.
  3. Click the blue Save button.

Choose the Fields For Your Form

Your form has Title, First Name/Last Name and Email address as required fields by default.

  1. You can add more fields by clicking on the field buttons under the Contacts tab
  2. Click on the buttons under the heading Custom Fields if you require the customer to choose an item from a list for example.

Deleting Fields


If you need to delete a field, hover over it with your mouse and you will see two small icons appear to the right. Click on the small red circle with the white bar to delete the field.

Please note however, that you cannot delete the default fields 'Title', 'First Name', and 'Last name'.

Moving Fields


You can also change how your form is arranged by clicking on a field and dragging it up or down into a new position.

Change a Field's Mandatory Setting


You may want to make a field optional, meaning your customers will see a particular field but will not be required to fill it out in order to submit the form.

To make a field optional, hover over the field with your mouse cursor, and then click on the small pencil and paper icon that appears.

Make a Field Optional


A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to change the mandatory option - click the OK button.